Peterborough Regatta - Sunday 14th August 2016

This was a sprint regatta, attended by a select few from the club.  The recently attended Sudbury Regatta and Summer Holidays obviously put a bit of a damper on the usual club enthusiasm.  The Men’s 8 were determined to enter to give Jason a final row before his return to America.  Their event was eventful to say the least.  Read the report below.  Added to this crew was just one senior single scull (no report), a junior single  and a junior double. 

IM3 8+ Dick, Jason, Leslie, Ron, Mark F, Charlie D, Antony, Peter C, Cox Paul 

The Eight 
At therapy this morning-  
Me: Do you think I might be under some sort of curse?   The Evil-Eye perhaps? 
Therapist: Why do you ask?  
Me: Well, disaster strikes every time I race in an OTRC eight. Look at what happened the last time I raced- at the  Masters’ at Nottingham in June… we caught three crabs in the same race.  Three crabs!  That’s enough to start a shellfish stall ! And then  when I am away on business they win a pot…! 
Therapist: Correlation does not imply causation Leslie.. 
Me: I know, I know....but I had a premonition that the day would be a mess.  I even suggested that I be replaced - I had some sort of mild fever ……. 
Therapist: Leslie… should be careful of self- fulfilling prophecies. Anyway….. was anyone positive about the race beforehand?   
Me: Yes, Dick went to a lot of trouble towing the boats and getting there at about 8 am…and Jason the American he was very positive- it was his last race with OTRC.  It’s been fun rowing with him….he has this sort of dry sardonic sense of humour….I think that is what it is…...but he has trouble accepting that GB did better than the USA in rowing at the Olympics…   
Therapist: So what actually happened in your race? 
Me: Well we were paddling up to the start, then the cox’s steering wire snapped and we lost all steering.  We slewed across the nearest racing lane about 30 metres in front of a fours race that was about to start…. the starter had the flag up….it could have been a nightmare. They had to delay the start while we manoeuvred out of the way….      
Therapist: And who was in charge in your boat? 
Me:  hmm…difficult to tell really…….after the steering was lost everyone was shouting and making suggestions… was chaos really…… I thought I was in the Greek Parliament….. Ron even offered to swim around to the stern to fix the wire… 
Therapist: Hmm … doesn’t sound good…..were you all dressed the same..? 
Me: Well not really – that Mark chap at the back of the boat- he’s too tight to buy any OTRC kit and the young ‘un - Charlie at seven  – well he just forgets – yesterday he rowed in denim Bermuda shorts and a pop T shirt .. 
Therapist: So how did it end? 
Me: Well we had to scratch from the race. Stroke and seven shipped oars and we then rowed behind the umpire boat with only the bow six rowing.  Dick steered from the stroke seat while getting directions from the Paul the cox. The spectators were both puzzled and amused. 
Therapist: Leslie… is there anything good that came out of all this..? 
Me: Well maybe……the weather was good, and Peter fulfilled his ambition to stroke the boat at a regatta, albeit from the six seat, and Antony  managed to row in time with everybody else, and I suppose we were  the fastest ‘coxless six’ at the Regatta…....   
Therapist:  Keep taking the pills Leslie…..    
Me: I will…  

WJ14 1x Laura Dew 

I raced in the J14 single race and I was sadly in the inside lane meaning I was slightly worried about hitting the bank. I felt like I had a good start but as it was a sprint I felt it was hard to push hard for such a short distance, I just missed out on getting to the next round but all in all it was a great day :-) 

WJ14 2x Erin and Laura 

I was at stroke and Erin was at bow, we started in the semi -final of the j14 doubles and came second in a good race and went in to the final. We then waited till 3 after consuming lots of snacks it was the final. We had a good start and we were just leading at half way, then the other crews caught up to us and they led till the end and we finished 3rd, it was a really exciting race!