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Peterborough Regatta - 1st June 2014

The Peterborough Regatta weekend did not feature in the Club Schedule this year, but two intrepid crews decided to rebel and towed the trailer all the way to the Big Smoke.  Jennie and Jack were there all day, as Jack’s Novice 1x had many heats, while the Master’s E 4+ flitted between Peterborough and Oundle in their search for rowing excitement and beer (by the sound of it).  Enjoy their match reports:
Nov 1x  (Jack Stratton)
Race 1; As this was the second race of the day on the program, I rowed up to the start feeling rather tired, but apparently that doesn't hinder your performance as I came second after easing off at the last 100ish meters (I knew top 2 would qualify before people get all picky) with a time of 4:11.
Race 2; After three hours of waiting around and one hour of staring at words in a book (Editor’s Note: A level Revision, I suspect!),  I had another race! I thought I would have to go a bit faster, go all out and all that, so I did with a time of 4:08, two lengths clear of the other boats. First thing I heard after I got out the boat was "You need to try in the final" and "Are you sure you're awake".
Race 3; So, after another 4 hours of waiting, without staring at a book, I finally had another race! I felt a bit apprehensive seeing as the quickest person in my category posted a 3:59 earlier in the day (I posted the second quickest time of 4:08). So I blasted off the start and had the lead for 500m, to my surprise, and then we were level for the next bit and then he edged ahead. I got a 3:59 (4 seconds ahead of the men’s four!) and a solid second place with 11 seconds to spare.
P.S. I only had to do the racing ON MY OWN thanks to the help of my parents and the men’s 4, cheers for the support.
E4- (John Wight, Brian Hardwick, Mark Quigley, Jon Heaney, cox:see report)
A busy weekend for the Vet E crew, started with a gentle warm up on Saturday with the first of our 3 substitute coxes (Simon) Three crew members reporting various levels of 'crockedness' decided all was ok for the big day if we did some extra flexibility, timing, and endurance training that evening. (See separate report soon about Bob and Fiona's tangos!). Having trailered the boats to Peterborough on Saturday the majority of the crew were able to combine the aforementioned extra training with enhanced hydration and roll up at midday at the race course  raring to go. Jennie, having watched Jack compete earlier, kindly became our novice 2nd substitute cox for a warm up on the river where we got rid of any nerves by impeding a selection of river craft, scullers, fours, and an eight who were all in the wrong places.
So our race cox, Becs, having rushed back from the South Coast, takes over and, after a short discussion with a Blazer about our feet restraints, paddles us down to the start. Long wait, but sunshine. Stake boat youth does his best to break our rudder but were ready. Countdown, attention, go  but Oundle don't move as we've got to give a composite F Bewdley crew 8 EIGHT seconds. 321 and we're off with Olympic reaction times getting the power on as the Marshall says go rating 37. Cruising  now and flying down the course, in the unfavoured Lane 1, we do our lengthen and settle at 35, our training obviously paying off. Urged on by our cox, we're storming through Bewdley's dirty water yet gaining on them and have left Broxborne a dot on the horizon and keeping up with the Peterborough crew in lane 4. 500 metres and we are in the lead still going strong at 33. After a second call of 500 metres in the excitement, the effort is still going in and we are neck an neck with Peterborough. ....... Leaving Broxborne astern a final push for the line means we cross the finish with half a length between us and Peterborough, but somehow they won ☹ . A three hour wait to support Jack in his bid for glory required a brief retreat to the Talbot for Beer, Burger, and music and crew debrief as plans are laid for St. Neots.