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This was a non-club event to which our beloved Jack Stratton travelled and competed with his ‘Old Man’.  Below is his match report for the event.

A Scullers Journey West

Sorry for the long read, it's hard to subsidise 6 races to an 'acceptable' length
Intro: So after a day of driving to Sheffield and transporting Emma's kingdom back home my Dad and I set off to get my boat, only find Martyn trying to break back into his car! Anyway after getting my boat and fetching the St Ives trailer we set off with a car full of stuff and the tallest person in the boat (me). Upon arrival I was shocked to hear my Dad had forgotten my tent (which he said he would organise! Not my fault!). In the end I had to share a 4 man tent with two small people... awkward much.
Single Saturday: After a by to the semi I was paired up against a local boy from Huntingdon, I raced, almost crashed and lost, not the best of starts but I was not to be deterred!
Double Saturday: In true OTRC fashion the first outing of this Stratton double was a race! I was put at bow as apparently I'm too slow, bold move seeing as I had about 4 minutes of steering on this river previous. Anyway we raced and had the lead for most but Minerva Bath found an extra gear and won by half a length, delighted yet disappointed was the consensus in the Stratton camp as the OAP at stroke managed to get up to IM2 after winning his single but then I had a poor day on the water.
Double Sunday: After a refreshing break with a barbecue and more St Ives reinforcements arriving we were reinvigorated and it showed when we won our first race against two chaps from Bewdley by TWO FOOT, certainly one for the spectators! (My Dad thought we didn't stand a chance, I was more confident/relaxed). For the final we paired up with our Oppo (Birmingham) and had a nice conversation, until we found out they were only 6 seconds off qualifying for Henley Royal Regatta the week previous! Again my Dad thought we were going to get beaten down but I stayed confident! We lost after a rushed start with the starter giving no chance for the OAP to comprehend the orders, only by half a length though, again an amazing race but the wrong results.
Single Sunday: Now, before story time, I would just like to point out that every crew that had beaten me on the weekend went on to win the event, and to my delight I came up against the finalist from Saturdays novice event! So I raced and beat him, fairly comfortably to my surprise which set me up for a 5:50 final (my races started at half 11). After a good chat with the oppo in the final I felt slightly apprehensive of the race as he was an IM2 rower, so obviously fairly good in a boat. However he had a crap start by his own admission and this set up a comfortable 3 length victory for me, finally - after four attempts over the weekend - I had a sculling point and a new pot!
If you read all of it, you're crazy but that's all folks! Thanks for reading!