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Champions of the Thames Junior Sculling Head - Sunday 23rd March 2014

It is a few years since the club competed at this event, which is a friendly competition on the Cam. This was a junior only event held in a supportive environment and was noticeable for the lack of shouting from both “Blazers” and Captains. There is often a spread of ability at this race, with some athletes competing in their first event and others part of performance squads. This was the case this year with the fastest crews taking around 5mins and the slowest nearly 10mins. For the spectators (and trailer drivers) the narrow residential roads make parking and finding the clubs a bit of a challenge but everyone made it on time.
In line with tradition, OTRC was well supported by family and friends and the large vocal support was a lift to many of the crews especially in the later part of the race. Once again the support of members, coaches and family in helping crews to rig and boat was much appreciated as was the help back at OTRC for re-rigging.

Girls J16 Quad: (Emily, Beth, Melissa, Julia) 6.53

The girls rowed in the first Division and were the first OTRC crew to negotiate the tricky tight bend at the start of the course, but Julia did a good job in keeping them on the course. Up against some strong opposition from a local club, Cantabrigian, OTRC were well on the pace but finished 5th in their race.

Girls J18 2X (Charlotte, Sophie) 7.36

These two are part of the J18 girls squad, who have been taking it in turns to race in 4X and 2X over the last few events. This time it was the turn of Sophie and Charlotte who have been showing signs of working well together in training but were not able to match the speed of their rivals on the day, despite some good cornering at the start.

J18 1X: Jack 6.49

Recently elected to OTRC’s committee as junior captain, Jack has been working hard in training. Each event brings him another step closer to victory and again he pushed his competition hard but finished second.

Boys J14 4X+ (Ben H, William B, Charlie C, Jordan cox Lauren) 6.56

In the last few weeks the boys have not been able to row in their race line up. As winners of a J15 event last time out the boys were looking for victory again. In a very competitive event the boys were beaten into second place by the other OTRC crew.

Boys J15 1X: Will 7.15

Will has been subbing in the quad in training so hadn’t as much boat time as normal before the event. he was also fitting the race in between county rugby trials, so a full on day. He worked hard down the course and although caught by one of his rivals he battle to the end to make sure he stayed in front and ended up in the middle of a very competitive field.

Boys J18 Quad (Jack, Jock, Jamie, Charlie D) 6.08

The boys have struggled to get a fixed line up in training as a result of availability problems so had their first outing together as a crew the day before. There first effort had not been Champions of the Thames Junior Sculling Head
inspiring but on the day there was a marked improvement and they can be pleased with their performance. They were less than 10sec from the crew in front and one can only speculate at what they could achieve with a more settled crew.

Girls J18 1X: Lucy 7.19

Part of the J18 squad Lucy has returned to single sculling as well as taking her place in the quad and renewed her rivalry with Lel. It was the turn of Lucy to beat her OTRC rival and was just 4/10th sec off second place in her event.

Girls J17 1X: Lel 7.37

Lel, also part of WJ18 squad and member of the quad, has worked at her 1X and continues to improve. She was beaten by her older rival Lucy in the OTRC battle and was only a few seconds off second place in her event.

Girls J14 Quad: (Beatrice, Olivia, Ellie N, Louise cox: Ben Honeywell) 7.25

There are 5 racers in this squad but also a sixth member who trains with the squad. However, there have been some availability problems in training meaning last minute changes in crew so the girls had little chance to practice in the racing line up. They rowed very well on the day finishing fourth but importantly beating all three crews form local rivals Oundle School.

Women’s Novice Quad: (Lucy, Lel, Ellie T, Lauren) 6.24

As well as swopping the personnel in the quad, the order has also been changed and it was Lauren’s turn to steer the crew for this event. They have made good strides forward in training with the girls getting better in time and with improved blade work. They rowed well and were just 1 sec from beating the Leicester quad in finishing fourth.

Boys J14 4X+ (Joe, Connor, Rohan, Josh B) 6.43

This was the boys first event, as they unfortunately had no opposition at Northampton when the club last raced. They have made good use of the time in training and with the
exhortations from their coach to concentrate on staying in time they set off down the course. They won this competitive quad event and were the club’s only winners on the day - well done.

Girls J14 2X: (Olivia M, Beatrice) 7.35

The girls have started to row the 2X but have also suffered from interrupted training. On the day Olivia arrived just on time and was having her number pinned to her back as the boat was being put on the water. In the race the two worked hard all the way down the course giving each other encouragement on the way. A very creditable row.